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Rodent Pest Control Dhaka & Chittogram

Rodent Control Dhaka & Chittagong

Rodents have been causing damage to property and crops and spreading diseases for a long time. According to Banglapedia, a total of 25 species of rodents reside in Bangladesh. Usually, mice and rats cause the most trouble. House mice, Bandicoot rat (Dhadi Idur), Lesser Bandicoot rat (metho idur) are some of the annoying species found in Bangladesh.

A rodent control service in Bangladesh generally specializes in exterminating rats and mice. These services have professional staff that inspects the place thoroughly and figures out the best plan to get rid of rodents. Rodent control service has to be done in several sessions to yield the best result.

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    Why Do You Need Rodent Control Service Dhaka & Chittagong?

    Rodents are stealthy creatures that move quickly, so their physical presence is barely detectable. However, they leave a trail of destroyed crops, clothing, paper, and food items. A rodent’s incisor teeth never stop growing, so they have to keep gnawing on stuff to keep their teeth in shape. Their nibbling habit can cause us financial and health damage.

    If you have a rodent population in your place, none of your things are safe. These creatures chew on anything and leave behind ruined food, torn clothes, and partially bitten papers. They will also pollute your place with their droppings. The sight of a scurrying rodent is scary to many people.

    Rodents generally reside in dirty places and they like to hide. They may not live in your house but come through small openings to hunt for food. Having rodents in your home can cause an unpleasant smell. They also carry a host of diseases and can infect you with them.

    The rodent population can be controlled if you manage to cut off their food and shelter. However, it may not be an easy task to accomplish. In that case, you should hire help from a rodent control service in Dhaka.

    Diseases Spread by Rodents

    Rodents can help spread several viral diseases. These creatures can move fast and contaminate all your food in a short time. They also like to move in the dark, so you may not be aware of the growing number of them in your home. They also can survive on little and do not need to look for food often, so you may not detect them even if you keep vigil.

    Rodents generally inhabit cluttered and dirty places. They carry on them the harmful elements from their hiding spots. People with asthma and allergic reactions can suffer by having rodents in their homes. Rodents can also spread diseases such as plague, the Hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and salmonella.

    Now that you know about all the diseases a seemingly harmless rodent can cause you, maybe you should go look up rodent control service near me on Google.

    How to Get Rid of Rodents?

    There are several things you can do to discourage the growth of a rodent colony in your home. Some of the steps you can take are-

    • Do not leave your food items in the open.
    • Store your food in tight containers.
    • Block small openings that the rodents can use to enter your home. You can also place traps there to catch and kill them.
    • Use repellents in the places you keep your clothes and important papers.
    • Regularly inspect your home to identify the signs of rodents present.
    • Throw away unnecessary items, and do not let your place get cluttered. That way, the rats will not have places to hide.

    Since rodents can live on little and are experts at hiding, these steps may not be sufficient to exterminate them. In that case, you should call up a rodent control service in Dhaka without any delay. They can rid you of the rodent population.


    Why Choose Us?

    We at SM Pest Control know how to control rodents. You can trust the expertise we have accumulated by being the solution to the query of rodent control service near me for several years. Over the years, we have added several rodent control tools and techniques to our arsenal.


    Here are some of our techniques discussed in brief-

    Rodent Glue Trap: This type of trap has strong adhesive quality. So, once the rodent steps on it they get stuck. This technique only traps the rodents. They have to be killed by using a different method.

    Zinc Phosphide Treatment: Using Zinc Phosphide for rodent control has a high success rate. However, the chemical is poisonous and should be dealt with caution. Our professional staff is well suited to handle this task without causing any health hazards.

    Metal Trap: It is a common technique that a rodent Control Service in Bangladesh is sure to use. The metal trap is used by placing bait to lure in the rodent. When they enter the trap it closes and kills them in the process.

    Customized Medicine Spraying: For our rodent control service in Dhaka, we often inspect the rodent population and decide on the medicines that are most likely to exterminate them. We then use this customized medicine spray to rapidly kill the creatures.

    Aluminum Phosphide Treatment: Using Aluminium Phosphide for rodent control can produce good results. However, the chemical is poisonous and should be dealt with caution. It should be kept away from small children. Our professional staff is well suited to use this rodent control technique without causing any health hazards.

    Our staff is sincere and punctual in their work. They will go to inspect your place when you asked them to and search out the rodent habitats. Then they will figure out the best technique to exterminate them. It takes a few scheduled visits to produce the best result in rodent control, and our experts can help you set the most effective schedule. When they are done with their work, you will be left with a home with a 0 rodent population.

    Rodents create several problems, and we urge you not to leave them alone to inhabit your home. If you are having trouble with the rodent population, contact us today. We at SM Pest Control are always ready to do rodent control, bedbug control, ant control, and several other types of pest control for you.