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Cockroach Control dhaka

Cockroach Control Dhaka

Cockroaches are tenacious creatures; they can survive in almost all conditions. That’s why after getting infested, it is hard to get rid of them. Studies suggest that a cockroach can live without food for nearly amonth and survive a week without water. For these reasons, cockroaches can be found almost everywhere on earth.

Cockroaches can infest your food with pathogens and spread diseases. Some people are phobic and feel extreme discomfort around them. Maybe you are plagued by cockroach issues too and have looked for a cockroach Control Service in Bangladesh. If you have searched, then your sense of hygiene and your vigilance for it is applaudable

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    Why Do You Need Cockroach Control Service in Dhaka?

    You might think that the few small cockroaches inhabiting your place are harmless. These creatures can harm you in several ways and shouldn’t be left alone to create a colony in your home. They can quickly reproduce and grow. They also like to hide and can survive on the bare minimum.

    If you have a cockroach population in your home, your food items and papers are not safe. Cockroaches like to gnaw on unsupervised food items. They also cut through clothes and papers. The cockroach population in your home will defecate anywhere and make your place unhygienic.

    Some people are terrified of cockroaches, and the sight of them causes them extreme discomfort and panic. Cockroaches are generally associated with dirty places, and having them roam around your home will not support the image of a clean place.

    If you eat food gnawed on by cockroaches, you are likely to get infected by diseases. Cockroach-infested food has to be thrown away. To protect the hygiene of your home and your food items, you should not let a cockroach colony grow in your place.

    To avoid the issues related to cockroaches, you should call a cockroach control service in Dhaka. They can successfully rid you of the cockroach population.

    Diseases Spread by Cockroaches

    Cockroaches can help spread a host of viral diseases. These tiny creatures can move fast and contaminate all your food in a short time. On top of that, they liked to move in the dark, so you may not be aware of the growing number of them in your home. They also can survive on little and do not need to look for food often, so you may not detect them even if you keep vigil.

    Cockroaches generally inhabit moist and dirty places. They carry on them the harmful elements from their hiding spots. People with asthma and allergic reactions can suffer by having cockroaches in their homes. Cockroaches can also spread diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, and typhoid fever.

    Now that you know about all the diseases a seemingly harmless cockroach can cause you, maybe you should go look up cockroach control service near me on Google.

    How to Get Rid of Cockroaches?

    There are several things you do that will discourage the growth of a cockroach colony in your home. Some of the steps you can take are-

    • Do not leave your food items in the open.
    • Store your food in tight containers.
    • Do not keep leftover food near the sink. Cockroaches generally love to hide around the moist area there. Having food around their hiding place will help them to grow in numbers.
    • Use insect repellents in the places you keep your clothes and important papers.
    • Regularly put cockroach killer powders on cracks and crevices in your home to discourage their growth.

    Since cockroaches can live on little, these steps may not be sufficient to exterminate them. You can also call up a cockroach control service in Dhaka. They can rid you of the cockroach population.

    Why Choose Us?

    We at SM Pest Control know how to control cockroaches. You can trust the expertise we have accumulated by being the solution to the query of cockroach control service near me for several years. Over the years, we have added several cockroach control tools and techniques to our arsenal.

    Here are some of our techniques discussed in brief-

    General Pesticides Spraying: It is a common technique that a cockroach control service in Dhaka, Bangladesh is sure to use. In this technique, the areas habited by the cockroaches are sprayed with pesticides. The  spray’s chemicals kill off the cockroaches almost instantly. This spraying should be done by professionals to avoid health hazards.

    Customized Pesticides Spraying: This technique is applied in the same way as other pesticide sprayings. However, here certain chemicals are used to be lethal to a particular type of cockroaches who cannot be killed by general pesticide sprays.

    Killer Gel Treatment: It is an advanced method that lures the cockroaches in so they can feed on its lethal ingredients. It kills the cockroach slower than pesticides but can spread from one cockroach to another. Killer gel finishes off the colony from within and is guaranteed to make your home cockroach-free in a few weeks.

     Aluminum Phosphide Treatment: Using Aluminum Phosphide for cockroach control has a high success rate. However, the chemical is toxic and should be dealt with caution. Our professional staff is well suited to handle this task without causing any health hazards.

    Glue Trap Treatment: For our cockroach Control Service in Dhaka, we sometimes use glue trap treatment. We bait the cockroaches to enter the trap, and they get stuck on the glue. The trapped cockroaches are then killed.

    Our staff is sincere and punctual in their work. They will go to inspect your place when you asked them to and search out the cockroach habitats. Then they will figure out the best technique to exterminate them. When they are done, you will be left with a home with a 0 cockroach population.

    Cockroaches create several problems, and we urge you not to leave them alone to inhabit your home. If you are having trouble with the cockroach population, contact us today. We at SM Pest Control are always ready to do pest control, cockroach control, bedbug control, rodent control, and several other types of pest control for you.