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Bed Bugs Control Services in dhaka Bangladesh

Bed Bugs Control Dhaka

Bed bugs are commonly known as Charpoka in Bangladesh. They are tiny insects that feed on warm blood, preferably human blood. They pierce the skin of their prey and gorges on their blood. These creatures hunt for blood at night and hide in the daytime while their meals get digested. They are frequently compared to mythical creatures called vampires.

Bed bugs are hard to exterminate. They can survive a long time without feeding and are experts at hiding. They are so tenacious that sometimes even a high dose of chemicals cannot kill off their whole colony. A bedbug control service in Bangladesh can expertly get you rid of them.

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    Why Do You Need Bed bug Control Service?

    Bed bugs generally like to feed on human blood, but they may also gorge on your pet’s blood. They need to drink blood during each molting stage. Their bites itch and can trigger an allergic reaction to many. Small children and bed-ridden patients are their common prey. Bed bugs come out at night and feed on blood, and then they hide for the day.

    Bed bugs are tenacious creatures; they can survive up to a year without feeding. Bed bug eggs are not affected by insecticides, so a one-time pest control service cannot get rid of them completely. Even the living colony may not be completely exterminated by using chemicals once.

    Bed bugs generally hide around the mattress seams, bed sheets, bed frame, sofa, and crevices on the wall and floor. Bed bugs can also spread to different places as they tend to hide in travel bags, clothes, and other items that humans take out. That is why you can never be guaranteed that your house will not be infested by bed bugs again.

    Getting rid of bedbugs is a complex task to accomplish. To have it done perfectly, you should call a bedbug control service in Dhaka City as soon as you see the first bedbug in your house.

    Problems caused by Bed bugs

    Bed bug bites generally trigger itching and can form rashes and blisters. They can drink blood up to three times their body weight. Thankfully, they do not carry any diseases. However, their bites are unpleasant, and they are hard to exterminate. Bed bug infestation is a problem worldwide and should not be taken lightly.

    Bed bugs are travelers; they may travel from one place to another by hiding in clothing, luggage, and vehicle seats. Keeping your home clean does not mean you cannot get a bed bug infestation. They may hitchhike their way to your bedroom!

    If you find even one bedbug in your home, likely, they have already formed a colony. These sneaky creatures are hard to detect as they stay hidden during the day and only come out at night to drink blood from sleeping people. So, after finding just one, you should look up the bedbug control service near me on Google.

    How to Get Rid of Bedbugs?

    There are several things you can do to discourage the growth of a bed bug population in your home. Some of the steps you can take are-

    • Wash and dry your mattress and bed liners thoroughly. Heat is guaranteed to kill bedbugs, so putting the bed linens in the dryer would be a good decision.
    • Regularly inspect possible hideout areas to detect bed  bugs.
    • Wash out and dry your clothes and bags after coming back from a trip. This way, you can kill off any bedbug that may have hitchhiked to your home.
    • Use hard brushes to clean mattress seams so that bedbugs can be killed.
    • Call in experts if you see a bedbug in your home. Delaying will complex the problem, and getting rid of bedbugs will take a longer time and cost more money.

    If you have found a bedbug in your home, do not take the issue lightly. You should call in a bedbug control service in Dhaka without any delay.

    Why Choose Us?

    We at SM Pest Control know how to control bedbugs. You can trust the expertise we have accumulated by being the solution to your query of bed bug control service near me for several years. We offer you six months to one-year guarantee on our service.

    Here are some of our termite control techniques discussed in brief-

    General Pesticides Spraying: It is a process that a bedbug control service in Bangladesh is sure to use. General pesticide spray is applied on every possible hideout place of bedbugs to exterminate their population. These pesticides are poisonous and should be handled with caution.

     Customized Pesticides Spraying: After inspecting the house, sometimes our experts conclude that a different type of chemical would produce the best result. Then, that customized pesticide spray is used to effectively kill off bedbugs. Our staff is expert are handling these pesticides without causing any health hazards.

     Aluminum Phosphide Fumigation: As a bedbug control service in Dhaka, we often use this technique to exterminate bedbugs. We use Aluminum Phosphate smoke in this process which is lethal to these bugs. It is an advanced technique that guarantees a good result.

    Our staff is sincere and punctual in their work. They will go to inspect your place when you asked them to and search out the bedbug habitats. They will take their time in accomplishing this task since bedbugs can hide almost anywhere in your house. Then they will figure out the best technique to exterminate them.

     Bedbug eggs are not affected by insecticides and may hatch and cause another infestation. That’s why we have multiple visits spread out through several weeks to get rid of bedbugs. The visits are well-planned, and they come with our bedbug control package. When we are done with our work, you will be left with a home with a 0 bedbug population.

     Bedbugs create several problems, and we urge you not to leave them alone to inhabit your home. If you are having trouble with the bedbug population, contact us today. We at SM Pest Control are always ready to do bedbug control, cockroach control, termite control, and several other types of pest control for you.